Things with Eyes and Noses

There are many figures, in many rooms, with schematic faces showing just eyes and noses. They’re often not related to each other at all.

Earring Figure Room 12A

Clay figure with earrings in Room 12A, 1450-1200 BC

These two female figures above and below are a thousand years apart, but have the same face and perform the same gesture.

Figures with Eyes Rooms 56 and 57

Bone inlays of birds, 1750-1550 BC, juglet with female head, 2400-2000 BC, and figurines with eyes from the temple at Tell Brack, 2200-3000 BC, Rooms 56 and 57

The little beings with eyes might perhaps represent worshippers, left in the temple to ‘be there’ on behalf of some person living or dead. In one case, it is a double figure – perhaps two friends, siblings, or a couple. Perhaps people have always done this. The one on the right, below, is a lime-plaster figure, not even pottery – and another four thousand years older than the above.

Ancient Figurines, Anteroom Room 56

Three human figurines of unfired clay, 3300-3100 BC, and a lime plaster figure, about 7200 BC.

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