Ingres and Matisse

Last drawing workshop of the series at the British Museum; wirks on the theme of revision. Sponsored by the Bridget Riley foundation. I made a brief diagram of the Bridget Riley study for “Blaze”, then drew from a lovely figure study by Ingres with an exactly ruled 3×8 square grid. Its beauty made it scary to draw, so I just ruled a 2cm grid and started somewhere (at the model’s left foot, in fact).


Then for a total contrast I turned to the Matisse, but I found it very useful to look at it in terms of a coarser grid before I started. I think I’m much happier with the result than I would have been if I hadn’t studied the Ingres first.


Finally I turned to the very fragmentary, feely Michelangelo – a torso with indeterminate head and partial, foggy limbs. I’m much less happy with this one. It was all about the fog, and I couldn’t find the fog.


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