A horse, from the same jug as the Crane Dancers. It has white spots. I like the sweeping curves, and the hooves and tail.

Horse - Oinoche, Room 73

Horse – Room 73. From the same jug as the Crane Dancers

I also like the practice of filling blank spaces with decorative shapes or plant-like objects.¬† I’m not saying minimalism is wrong, but there are many things in the world. I drew the two spiky things too high up – they should have been bigger, and in contact with the ground line.

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Crane Dance in Room 73


Oinoche (jug), room 73. Thought to be the Crane Dance.

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Cat and Pigeons


Cat and Pigeons - pen on brown paper

I thought about drawing more of the cat, but decided against it.

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Ducklings - pen and brown paper

Inspired by the request for artworks on “movement” on the Guardian website.

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Wrapping Paper 2

Wrapping Paper 2

And this one has two little dogs, not quite like the ones that the man on the large ancient pot in the British Museum is trying to hold on to.

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Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper

There was only brown paper left, and I’m working tomorrow. This is definitely inspired by Greek pots in the British Museum. The galleries you find if you go behind the Nereids.

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Three Humans

Three humans on the back of an envelope.

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